Anatomy of a European football fan

With Euro 2020 almost upon us, I wanted to take a look at the demographics, interests, brand and media preferences of football fans from across the continent. I've used GWI data to paint a picture of football fans from England, Scotland, Wales, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia and Turkey. Here are some … Continue reading Anatomy of a European football fan

Do rugby fans moisturise?

The Lions just announced a partnership with skincare brand Dove Men+Care for the upcoming tour of South Africa. According to the announcement, the activation theme will be about ‘respect and caring’ - and specifically showing how the players balance rugby with parenthood. “Dove Men+Care will work with brand ambassadors and the Lions to showcase what … Continue reading Do rugby fans moisturise?

ESL and the ‘fans of the future’

So the proposed European Super League has caused quite a stir. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a proposal be met with such universal disapproval from fans, media, NGBs, federations and governments. Putting aside the general debate on whether this is good for the game as a whole (I don’t think it is), does the … Continue reading ESL and the ‘fans of the future’

Can it be true that only 26% of UK sports fans are female?

YouGov Sport put out some nice research the other day, looking at sports fans across various European markets. One of the most startling pieces of data is that only 26% of sports fans in the UK are female - a much lower figure than any other country in Europe, where it's at least 40%. Can this … Continue reading Can it be true that only 26% of UK sports fans are female?

Do #BrandBoycotts make any difference?

The milk brand Oatly got into some hot water (see what I did there?) last week when Twitter 'erupted' with allegations about one of its major investors, Blackstone. Allegations that don't exactly live up to Oatly's highly purposeful, sustainable positioning. This being social media, it quickly led to a #boycottoatly campaign with lots of people … Continue reading Do #BrandBoycotts make any difference?