The most culturally relevant brands in sport?

Ear to the Ground is an agency I sometimes work with – one of their unique assets is a global ‘Fan Intelligence’ network of 11,000+ culturally influential young people.

They’ve tapped into it to create a top 40 ranking of the most culturally relevant brands in sport today i.e. brands in sport that are leading culture and driving positive change.

It’s a really interesting and current snapshot of which brands are resonating well with this young audience, and why.

It’s not surprising to see the big sportswear brands, global teams and leagues high up in the list (although Nike only features at #5, which is a surprise).

Very few brand sponsors made the list – suggesting there is work to do for most of them in finding ways to align themselves more closely with the culture surrounding sport.

It’s also notable that the top media brands are the likes of TikTok, YouTube, DAZN, with none of the traditional sports media getting a look in. This clearly reflects the global nature of the research and the age group, but this should definitely be something for the likes of SkySports, ESPN et al to think about.

There is a lot of really interesting detail in the report – drop me a note if you’d like a copy.

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