UK adults spend large on having fun

An interesting report from Mintel in the news this morning, revealing that “fun-loving Britons are expected to spend £129 billion on leisure activities this year, a 17% increase on five years ago, with activities such as trampolining and outdoor assault courses seeing a surge in interest from adults”.

This contrasts with a 17% decline in nightclub spending over the same 2012-17 period. I think the likes of Tinder might have something to do with that (alongside the cripplingly high cost of going clubbing) but there does seem to be no doubt that more and more people are choosing to spend their leisure pounds on healthier activities.

For some people that means going to the latest boutique fitness offering, but for the vast majority of adults, a playful experience like trampolining or diving into a ball pit is going to be far more appealing and accessible.  This “active play” concept is surely going to be a big growth area in years to come as more and more of us recognise the need to be healthy, but don’t want to take it too seriously.

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