I help brands to develop the right strategy for connecting with their audience through sport. 

Thinking about using sport as a marketing platform for the first time? I’ll help you to understand how your target audience engages with sport, using those insights to develop the right strategy for connecting with them.

Already have sports partnerships in place but feel like they aren’t really connecting with your audience? I’ll help you to understand how your audience really interacts with sport, and develop a better strategy for engaging them.


My starting point is always to understand your audience through data. I use global data sources (including access to the powerful Global Web Index dataset) combined with your own internal data to uncover actionable insights into your existing and target audience:

  • Who are you targeting?
  • How do they engage with sport?
  • What are their other interests?
  • What are their behaviours, attitudes and values?
  • What do they want from brands?  
  • How can we connect with them? 

Take a look here for examples of data and insight on sports audiences of various types.


With these insights in place, it’s time to develop a strategy for connecting with your audience through sport. This is a bespoke process based on what you need, but often includes:

  • Targeting: selecting and defining the audiences we want to target
  • Positioning: how could your brand get involved in sport in credible way?
  • Landscape: what are the macro trends in sport that we need to be aware of?
  • Partnerships: where could your brand most effectively engage in sport?
  • Competitors: how are they already using sport to reach your audience? 
  • Activation: how can we bring existing or new sports partnerships to life?


I can help you to bring a strategy to life through and connect with your audience through:

  • Creative campaign development
  • Narrative and messaging 
  • Content development and copywriting
  • Earned media and PR 
  • Organic and paid social
  • Influencer and talent activity 

How I work

I work as an independent consultant, so it’s actually me doing the work.

However, when it’s needed I can tap into (or introduce you to) a network of the very best individuals and agencies to provide specialist services to help deliver campaigns.

I’m also more than happy to work with any existing agencies you have in place, to provide an additional layer of insight, strategy and support.

Over almost 25 years I’ve worked with brands including Levi’s, Standard Chartered, Siemens, Stella Artois, EA Sports, Catapult Sports, New Balance and Umbro.

“Eddie did an amazing job with the PlayerTek launch, really helping to move the needle on awareness, engagement and sales.”

Paula Keve, Catapult Sports