Spurs finally win something!

The Deloitte Football Money League is out and I thought it’d be interesting to compare 2021 revenues with the global fans/followers for the top 15 clubs.

Despite having only the 4th largest global following, Man City manage to top the revenue charts, helped by the highest level of broadcast income and 4th highest commercial revenues (but only 15th best for matchday takings).

But based on annual $ per “fan”, Spurs are way out in front, earning over $4 for each of their 98m global followers. Some of these clubs (not Spurs) have a level of commercial and sponsorship income that is, let’s say “enhanced” by their ownership’s close ties to a particular gulf state.

Barcelona, meanwhile, have over 450m followers but only generate $1.28 for each of them.

This annual $ per “fan” number is what most of these big clubs look at and conclude that they should be earning much more, hence super league ideas.

The question is always how engaged are the majority of these fans/followers really are, and can they actually be “monetised” in a more direct way.

Some the most popular clubs not to make it into the Deloitte top 20:

  • AC Milan (239m fans/followers)
  • AS Roma (139m)
  • Celtic (138m)
  • AS Monaco (118m)
  • Leeds (106m)
  • Newcastle (98m)
  • Ajax (95m)

AC Milan is a big surprise, but their 2021-22 revenue is expected to be around $335m so they will probably make a comeback next time, and I think we all know which of those other teams to keep an eye on over the next couple of years.

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