Sport and the climate emergency

As if we needed it, the IPCC report should be a huge wake up call to all of us to urgently tackle climate change.

This will continue to be one of the top things on the agenda for sporting organisations and sponsors in the coming years, and most sports can take comfort that the majority of fans will be supportive.

At a global level, 45.8% of people say that helping the environment is important to them, but as the chart below shows, followers of every single sport are ahead of this.

People who follow long-distance running are the most environmentally aware (61.8%), closely followed by handball (60.6%) and volleyball (60.3%).

Sadly football (the world’s most global and influential sport) brings up the rear at just 49%.

There is obviously room for improvement across the board to get these numbers up, but there seems to be a big task ahead for football organisations, clubs and sponsors to get more fans to take the issue seriously.

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