A snapshot of UK 16-24s

The youth audience is a big focus for many brands and rights-holders in sport, with an eye on engaging young people that could be fans and consumers for decades to come.

16-24s are often the demographic that we think about, but it’s a tough crowd to reach, with multiple interests competing for their time, and a high level of expectation from brands to behave in a certain way.

It’s also too broad a group to think of as a single segment. The difference between a 16 and a 24 year old can be pretty vast, in terms of their life stage, attitudes and behaviours. To gain any real insight, we need to break that down into tighter age groups.

In this report I’ve created a snapshot of 16-24s, with some breakdown into 16-18s, 19-21s and 22-24s, as well as looking at differences between the genders.

Click the link to download, and if you’d like to discuss some insight tailored to your audience as the basis for developing an engagement strategy, please get in touch.

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