Are young people more concerned about social responsibility?

On the back of the Ronaldo/Coca-Cola issue this week, and also NZ Rugby/Ineos, I’ve seen quite a lot of chat about how sport needs to adapt to a “Gen Z” or “Millennial” audience that is increasingly concerned about environmental issues and social responsibility.

Thought I’d check out the data on this. I’ve broken the 16-24s into smaller sub-groups as there are often big differences in attitudes between a 16 and a 24 year old.

This is just a global snapshot, but 16-18s and 18-21s do have a higher expectation of brands around being eco-friendly and socially responsible.

There’s not much in it across the age-groups and it’s interesting that the % rises again from 45 and above. Perhaps 25-44s just have other, more immediate, things to worry about?

Concern for the environment is pretty consistent at 45-48% and 16-24s do over-index slightly, but it’s worth noting that many other things are more important to young people, including personal success.

I believe sport does have a responsibility to lead in this area and look for partners that make a positive impact on the world, but it’s a tough balancing act especially given the commercial reality and impact of Covid.

I equally think brands can use sport as a platform to show how they are making the world a better place, and to connect with the audiences that do feel passionately about these issues.

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