How things change

I was watching the opening games of Euro 2020 and it struck me how many of the sponsors are no longer the kind of ‘blue chip’ brands we’ve been used to seeing over the years.

The image below show Euro 2000 vs. Euro 2020 main sponsors.

Many of the brands and even categories on the right didn’t even exist in 2000, and one or two on the left barely exist now.

2000 was dominated by US, European and Japanese brands.

2020 has a strong Chinese presence, plus one from Russia and one from the Middle East.

What does this tell us?

I think it shows how rights-holders need to be constantly looking around the corner at new markets, new categories. You certainly can’t sit back and rely on the same old partners being there forever.

And it also shows how brands still view sport sponsorship as an excellent way of quickly building awareness, credibility and engaging new audiences. A global event like the Euros still has that instant brand building power (with a large price tag of course).

Coca-Cola the ever present, of course…

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